Pet Doors

Our Pride Pet Doors:

  • The flap is a heavy, black rubber that is particularly durable. 

  • Incorporates a two piece design which includes an inner flap and an outer “U” shape for better sealing and insulating value.

  • The locking cover is particle board enameled bright white on one side for greater visibility to the pet. 

  • It can be installed on either side of the Patio Screen Door. 

  • All sizes can be installed through screens using Pride screen adapter kit.

  • Stabilizer Bar added for support on all sizes

Available In:

  • Bronze

  • Black

  • Brushed Aluminum

  • Tan

  • White

  • Adobe

Our Hale Pet Door

  • Clear vinyl flap that is easy for pets to use.

  • Magnets around the edges of the flap

  • Flap is surrounded by ½” nylon weather stripping to prevent gaps from letting bugs in.

  • 12 different sizes available:

  • Stablizer Bar added for support on all sizes

Available in:  

  • Arizona Beige

  • Brushed Aluminum

  • Dark Bronze

  • White